Flying cheap doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. However, the fact holds true as long as you travel with Frontier Airlines. This airline allows passengers to choose their seats in advance so they can enjoy a comfortable experience.

Why wait? Make Frontier Airlines Seat Selection right away and feel the true comfort in the air. It’s best to choose your seat during booking to get the best price and wide array of choices. New to seat selection and wondering where to start? Keep scrolling the page and find all the tidbits here.

What is the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Choosing your favorite seats on Frontier Airlines is no hassle, as the airline offers multiple options to get the job done. However, it’s mandatory to understand all the ins and outs of the process to avoid the fuss later on. We’ve compiled the key highlights of the Frontier Seat Selection here to make things easier.

Here are the details.

  • You can select selects anytime before boarding the flight, be it during booking, at the time of check-in, or in between.
  • If you flying with a traveler 13 years or younger, then the airline guarantees adjacent seats for the child and the accompanying adult.
  • Frontier Seats are well-regarded for their extra space and modern design, thus making your journey comfortable.
  • Be mindful that the Frontier Airline Seat Selection isn’t included in the airline’s prices, and you have to spend a little extra to enjoy your air travel.
  • The airline offers two seating choices - Standard Seats and Stretch Seats. Those who prefer extra legroom must choose stretch seats and make the most of their journey.

Please Note: Premium seating options are limited, so go fast and choose your favorite seat at the earliest. If you are interested in a little more legroom, don’t hesitate to select stretch seats at an additional fee.

How Do I Select My Favorite Seats on Frontier Airlines Flights?

It’s time to select your favorite seats and make yourself feel comfortable in the air. Travelers can opt for Frontier Seat Assignments during flight bookings or at the time of check-in. Whatever option you choose, make sure to check the seat map thoroughly and make a choice that fits your travel requirements. Read the details here.

During Booking

What’s better than choosing your seat at the time of flight booking? Here’s how to get started.

  • Go to the Frontier Website.
  • Enter the trip details and look for the flights.
  • Choose the suitable option and continue to add the traveler’s details.
  • Once done, move further to the seat selection process.
  • Browse the Frontier Seating Chart and choose the preferred option.

My Trips

Besides flight booking, passengers can select their desired option using the My Trips section. Check the steps here.

  • Head to the My Trips section on the homepage.
  • Enter the Last Name and Confirmation Code in the respective boxes.
  • Tap the Search button.
  • Look for your trip details.
  • Continue to select your favorite seat, be it a Window or Aisle.
  • Make further payments to confirm your seats on Frontier Airlines flights.

At the time of Check-in

Passengers can choose their seats at the time of flight check-in. This option is active 24 hours before the flight departure time. Follow the steps to start the process.

  • Go to the Check-in tab.
  • Input your Booking Code and Last Name.
  • Click “Search” to look for your itinerary.
  • Before clicking the Check-in option, opt for the seat assignment and browse the map.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and select your favorite spot.
  • Complete the payment.
  • Pick the option wisely, as it’s hard to initiate the Frontier change seat process after check-in. The airline might not allow you to change seats once you’ve printed the boarding pass.

What is the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

So, how much does it cost to choose Frontier Seats? Before you jump into the seat selection process, it’s mandatory to understand the airline’s seat selection charges to avoid last-minute surprises. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Frontier Seat Fee depends on various factors, including
  • Seating type
  • Mode of seat selection, such as online, web check-in, call center, and airport ticket counter.
  • You must pay the seat charges for each leg of your flight.
  • Besides the factors above, Frontier Airlines seat prices also depend on how long the flight is. On some flights, stretch seats start at $16 and go up to $56.
  • The standard seats on Frontier Airlines flights range from $5 and $16. Check your preferred seating option and fly comfortably.

Here’s what you’ll have to pay when making the airline’s seat selection.

Purchase LocationStandard SeatsStretch Seats
At the time of Booking or using My Trips$5$16
Online Check-in$7$18
Call Center/ Airport ticket counter$16$56

Please Note: These prices are a rough approximation of the Frontier Airlines Seating. It might vary from one route to another. Also, the prices are dynamic, and they can be changed anytime without any prior notice.

What is Frontier Airlines Child Seat Policy?

Traveling with 13 years old or younger? Check the Frontier Airlines child seat policy before selecting your favorite spot. Here are the key highlights.

  • If your booking includes children 13 years or younger, the airline ensures that adjacent seats are offered to the child and the accompanying adult. 
  • However, make sure the child and accompanying adult are on the same reservation to adjacent Frontier Flight Seats.
  • Adjacent seats are only available at the time of booking in the selected class of service.
  • The airline won’t assign the seat number immediately after booking. You’ll get the details a day before the flight departure.
  • Adults can choose the best seats on Frontier Airlines or skip the process to go with the airline’s automatic seat allotment process.

Summing Up

With Frontier Airlines Seat Selection, passengers are entitled to select their favorite seats and enjoy the best-in-class experience. However, be quick if you are specific about the option and get your favorite seat without putting in much effort. Do you need more assistance? Call the airline’s toll-free number and get human assistance to fix your queries.

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Can I Choose my favorite seat on Frontier Flights at the airport?

Yes. You can. Visit the airport ticket counter and select your preferred seat before the check-in window ends.

What are the advantages of making Frontier seat selection?

With the advanced seat selection, you can choose your favorite seat on the flight and ensure to sit next to your travel companion throughout the journey.