While booking flights is the first step to initiating the journey of your dreams, certain things can make or break your flying experience, like seat selection. No matter how early you have made bookings or how much you have saved on flight tickets, there’s no point in traveling if you don’t get your favorite seat on the aircraft.

So, if you are planning your upcoming journey with KLM and want to make the most of your time in the air, initiate the KLM Seat Selection process in advance to get your preferred option. Passengers can choose their seats online or offline, depending on their choices. Don’t miss the chance to select your spot and treat yourself to royalty in the air. Scroll down and find more details here.

Understanding the KLM Seat Selection Process

Before delaying further, let’s find out the key details of the KLM Airlines seat selection process here. You can select your favorite seat at the time of booking, via My Trips, or during check-in. Besides, you can also make seat selections at the airport ticket counter or over the phone.

Scroll down and find the details of all methods here.

At the Time of Booking

The simplest and the most preferred option to choose seats on KLM flights is at the time of booking.

  • Follow the standard flight booking process.
  • Go to the official site and enter your trip details in the flight search engine.
  • Once you are done choosing flight options, proceed to the seat selection step.
  • Browse the seat map and look for the available options.
  • Make a relevant choice and continue to pay the airfare.

Using My Trips

Have you forgotten to choose your seat on KLM flights at the time of booking? Worry not, use the My Trips section to get the job done. Here’s how.

  • Open the KLM airline’s official site.
  • Go to the My Trips section.
  • Click “Log in With Booking Details”.
  • Enter your Booking Code and Last Name.
  • Tap “Search” to access your trip details.
  • Find the “Add Seat” option.
  • Browse the seat map and choose your preferred seat.
  • Pay the applicable fare, and it’s done.

During Check-in

If your KLM flight is 30 hours away from the departure (24 hours if you are traveling to/ from the US), then it’s advised to make a seat selection using the Check-in tab. Follow the instructions to get started.

  • Open the KLM website and go to the Check-in tab.
  • Click the “Check in with booking details” option.
  • Add your KLM Booking Code and Last Name.
  • Look up for your trip details.
  • Tap “Select Seats”.
  • Choose your favorite seat on the flight and continue to make the payment.

Over the Phone

Do you find online seat selection methods challenging? Don’t worry; use the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Phone Number and discuss your preferences with the airline’s customer support agent.

  • The assigned professional will then find a suitable seat for you on the flight.
  • If you accept the seat, request the payment link to clear the balance.
  • Once done, the airline’s agent will send you a confirmation email regarding the same.

In addition to these methods listed above, passengers can pick their desired seats at the ticket counter. Visit the airport on time and share your seating choices with the customer agent. He will then help you find the best option in a few seconds.

What is KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Find the key highlights of the airline’s seat selection policy here and avoid any further surprises afterward. Scroll down and have a look.

  • KLM Airlines offers multiple seating choices to entertain travelers, including
  • Economy
  • Premier Comfort
  • Business
  • La Premiere
  • KLM Seat Selection Cost depends on the seating option you choose and the flight route.
  • The airline randomly allots seats to those who skip the seat selection process.
  • Those selecting seats adjacent to the aircraft emergency exits must be 15 years and older and understand the safety instructions.
  • Flying Blue Elite and SkyMiles Elite members can enjoy KLM Free Seat Selection.

Be mindful that KLM seat selection is subject to availability, so be quick and choose your spot without wasting any further seconds.

What is the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

KLM Charges for seat selection depend on your seating type and flight route. So, it’s advised to check the cost beforehand to avoid any surprises later on. Here’s what you should know about the seat booking fare when flying with KLM Airlines.

  • Flying Blue Elite and SkyMiles Elite members can select their seats for free or at a discount.
  • Economy Class passengers can choose their seat on the aircraft for as low as $21.
  • Those flying in Business Class can expect to pay the seating charges between $76 and $98.

Summing Up

That’s all about the KLM Seat Selection process. We hope our guide has helped you narrow your choices. Seat Selection should be the first step to ensure a comfortable and peaceful journey in the air. So, wait no further and select your favorite spot before somebody else does.


How many ticket options are available in KLM Economy Class?

Three ticket options are available in the KLM Economy Class, including Light, Standard, and Flex.

Will the airline issue a refund if I don’t get a selected seat?

Yes. But you must request a refund within 24 hours of the KLM booking. The amount depends on the aircraft and seat layout.