Ever struggled with last-minute plan changes? Wondering how to deal with this annoying situation and continue your JetBlue journey without facing a penalty? Use the Jetblue Change Flight option and modify your itinerary, date, and time in a few simple taps.

Jetblue understands the frustration of last-minute plan changes and, therefore, strives to make such situations easier. It offers a generous flight change policy and allows passengers to make the desired changes without costing a dime. So, if you get stuck in any such situation and want to adjust your Jetblue bookings, this guide is for you. Here, we’ve compiled the step-by-step instructions and the key highlights of the policy. Let’s have a look.

How to Change JetBlue Flights?

Whether you want to spend an extra day in your favorite destination or wish to leave early, Jetblue Airlines’ Flight Change option will get you covered. You can modify your bookings online, through chat, or over the phone.

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Online Via My Trips

Why leave your comfort space when you can change your Jetblue flight online? Open the Jetblue official site and follow the instructions below. 

  • Head to the My Trips section on the homepage.
  • Enter your last name and Confirmation Code.
  • Tap “Continue”.
  • Your trip details will appear on the screen.
  • Click “Change Flight” and enter details for your new flight.
  • Choose the flight option to match your current travel needs.
  • Pay the change fee and the difference in fare.
  • Click “Submit” to confirm your changes.
  • The airline will then send you a confirmation email regarding your flight changes.

Through Chat

Live Chat is the fastest way to connect with the Jetblue agent. Start a chat with the Jetblue agent and change or cancel flight in seconds. Here’s how.

  • Go to the Contact Us page.
  • Head to the Chat section.
  • Tap “Start a Chat”.
  • A pop-up window appears where you can connect to the virtual agent.
  • Provide them with your booking details and make the desired changes.
  • Pay the required fee, and it’s done.

Over the Phone

Besides chatting or using the official site, passengers can call the airline’s toll-free number and adjust their bookings hassle-free. Follow the instructions to get started.

  • Call the Jetblue customer service number to change your flight.
  • Follow the IVR prompts.
  • Connect with the airline’s personnel.
  • Share your new itinerary and provide them with your booking details.
  • Ask them to find a new flight.
  • Request the payment link to complete the Jetblue change flight process.

What is Jetblue Airlines' Change Flight Policy?

Jetblue Airlines understands emergencies and last-minute changes, and therefore, it offers a generous Flight Change policy to facilitate travelers. Let’s compile the key highlights of the Jetblue flight change policy here.

  • Changes must be made before the flight’s scheduled departure time; otherwise, you will be considered a No-Show.
  • Passengers must pay the difference in fare if their new ticket is pricier than the original one.
  • Any remaining balance (if the new flight ticket is cheaper than the original booking) will be issued as a travel credit.
  • Jetblue flight changes are subject to availability.
  • Flight changes are not allowed for Blue Basic Fares booked on or after March 18, 2024.
  • Eligible passengers can change Jetblue flight date, time, and route, as long as they are following the airline’s change flight policy.
  • Blue Basic Fares booked before March 18, 2024, are eligible for flight changes by paying a change fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight on JetBlue?

Get familiar with the Jetblue flight change fee beforehand to avoid any surprises when modifying your itinerary. The change fee depends on two factors, including the Fare Type and the method through which you have changed your flight.

Let’s outline the key details of the airline’s flight change fee here.

  • Change Fee Based on the Fare Type
For Blue Basic Fares (booked before 18 March 2024)
  • $100 change fee per person for Routes in Central America, the Caribbean, and North America
  • $200 change fee per person for all other routes
For Blue Basic Fares (booked on or after 18 March 2024)No flight change is allowed
For all Other FaresNo change fee
  • Change Fee based on the Method Used
Flight changes made onlineNo change fee
Flight changes made via chat or phone$25 non-refundable fee per person

Here are the key pointers.

  • There’s no change fee for most Jetblue fares except Blue Basic. However, if you change flights via chat or phone, you must pay the service charge of $25 per person, along with the fare difference.
  • If you change Blue Basic fares booked before 18 March 2024 via call or phone, you must pay the change fee, a service charge, and a fare difference.

Does JetBlue Offer Same-Day Flight Change?

Wondering if you can opt for the same day flight change on Jetblue? If you are experiencing last-minute plan changes and want to travel early on the same calendar day as your original bookings, switch your Jetblue flight for an earlier option by paying a flat fee of $75.

Here’s what you should know about the Jetblue same-day flight change policy.

  • The same-day flight change policy is only available for Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint Fares.
  • Blue Basic fares booked on or after 18 March 2024 are not eligible for same-day switches or standby.
  • No fare difference applies for same-day flight changes. All you have to do is pay a flat fee of $75 and get a seat on another Jetblue flight.
  • Same-day flight switches are subject to seat availability on another flight.
  • Jetblue Mosaic members can make a free same-day Jetblue flight change on all fares, including Blue Basic.
  • A same-day switch can only be made on the day of travel, beginning at midnight in the time zone of your departing flight.
  • Be mindful that Jetblue offers the same-day flight change option for the same airport or an approved neighboring airport.

Summing Up

Jetblue Change Flight is a passenger-friendly approach that allows you to continue your journey without any hassle. You can change Jetblue tickets for free, except for Blue Basic, and travel the world with ease. Be mindful that you must pay a service charge of $25 per person to change your flight over the phone or through chat. Skip those extra charges by using Jetblue’s My Trip tab. Do you want more assistance with the flight change policy? Call the airline’s professional and get human assistance right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for Jetblue same-day standby?

Jetblue same-day standby is eligible for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares. Blue Basic fare is not eligible for same-day standby, except for Mosaic members.

Can I change Jetblue bookings with TrueBlue and Cash + points?

No. You cannot change TrueBlue Cash + Points bookings. Such itineraries can only be canceled and rebooked.

How Do I change my Jetblue flight booked through a travel agency?

You can either contact the travel agency or call the airline’s toll-free number to change flight tickets booked outside of the official website. Any changes made to third-party bookings by Jetblue will incur a service charge of $50 per ticket.