Ready to kickstart the journey of your dreams with JetBlue? Take a minute and select your favorite seat in advance. JetBlue Seat Selection allows travelers to choose their seats beforehand so they can enjoy a comfortable experience.

The airline offers multiple options to cater to a diverse range of travelers, including Blue Basic, Even More Space, and Mint Seats. Outline your traveling budget and select the option to fit your needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the airline’s seat selection policy, steps, and fees.

How to Select Seats on JetBlue?

Ready to take off in style? Choose your favorite seat either online or offline and ensure a happy and comfortable journey. Here’s how to get started.

Online Method

  • Open the official site of JetBlue Airways.
  • Visit the Manage Trips section.
  • Add the Last Name and Confirmation Code to access your booking details.
  • Locate the Edit JetBlue bookings button and continue to the seat map.
  • Select your desired seats, pay the required charges, and it’s done.

Offline Method

  • Besides using My Trips, you can call the airline’s customer service number to get help.
  • Follow the commands to connect with the expert.
  • Share your seating preferences.
  • Select the best option.
  • Pay the charges and get the confirmation email regarding the same.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

Get familiar with the airline’s seat selection policy to avoid surprises. Keep scrolling and find the key highlights here.

  • Travelers can make a seat selection on JetBlue flights for free of cost, except for Blue Basic fares.
  • Seat selection is subject to availability. Hence, be quick and choose your spot at the time of booking.
  • If you miss the seat selection during reservations, don’t panic. Select seats during check-in or at the airport ticket counter.
  • Pregnant women, senior citizens, or physically challenged flyers cannot choose emergency exit seats on Jetblue flights.
  • All fares, except Blue Basic, can choose Economy seats without paying extra.

Types of Seats Available on JetBlue Flights

There are numerous Jetblue seating options available on JetBlue flights. Browse the list here and make a suitable choice.

Blue Basic Seats

  • Want to fly somewhere for cheap? Turn to Jetblue Core Seats and complete your journey without costing a fortune.
  • These seats can be assigned via the GDS and are eligible for the Even More Space Seats upgrade.
  • Those who’ve opted for Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Extra seats can access the Economy core cabin without additional charges.
  • While the benefits of each fare class vary, all of them still offer some basic facilities, such as a no change/ cancelation fee and carry-on baggage.

Even More Space

Book Even More Space seats and get up to 7” more legroom than standard seating.

  • In addition, these seats offer an early boarding facility to save you time.
  • Travelers who opt for Even More Space seats can board early on the flight if they have booked Blue Basic fare.
  • These seats make you feel at home by offering 38” total legroom.
  • All Even More Space travelers can bring free carry-on baggage and access the fast lane to the security checkpoint. Passengers can easily make JetBlue reservations and select seats in no time.

Mint Seats

  • These seats are available on selected coast-to-coast, Latin America, the Caribbean, and transatlantic flights.
  • Select a Mint Premium seat on a Jetblue flight and enjoy flying like never before.
  • Mint Seats is best known for delivering personalized award-winning services to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • Additionally, the new front-row Mint Studio features the largest TV on a US airline to keep travelers engaged throughout the journey.
  • It also has an extra seat to relax.
  • JetBlue Mint seat assignment also features in-suite power, wireless charging, and dedicated storage to offer a comfortable experience.
  • There are three types of Mint class seats, including Mint, Mint Suites, and Mint Studios.

Can I Select JetBlue Seats At the Airport?

Yes, passengers can select their JetBlue seats at the airport ticket counter or kiosk. Let’s map out the step-by-step instructions here to get started.

  • Visit the Origin airport.
  • Head to the check-in counter.
  • Provide your flight details, such as the Booking Reference Number and Last Name, to the agent.
  • Discuss your seating preferences and let him check the seat availability.
  • If your preferred seats are available, the professional will immediately book your desired seat and offer you the boarding pass.
  • If you are a Blue Basic traveler, make sure to pay the required charges to complete the process. Others can take the boarding pass and seat info and head to the gate area.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

Wondering how much you have to pay to choose your favorite seat on the JetBlue aircraft? To your surprise, “Core” seats are available for all passengers without additional charges, except Blue Basic Fares. Here’s everything you need to know about the airline seat selection charges. Scroll down and make notes.

  • JetBlue seat selection is free, except for those traveling with Blue Basic Fares.
  • The airline has one of the lowest seat selection fees, starting at just $4 per passenger.
  • Be mindful that the exact seat selection charges for Blue Basic Fares depend on their seating choice, flight type, and route.
  • Those flying with Mint class fare will receive exclusive access to premium seats.
  • Such travelers can select their seating place during checkout or before boarding the flight without paying the Jetblue seat selection fee.

JetBlue Seating Chart - What to Expect?

JetBlue seating chart depends on the plane’s configuration and layout. Hence, your seating choices may vary based on your flight route. Here’s a quick rundown of the JetBlue fleets and its seating configuration. Scroll through the information and select your seat accordingly.

  • JetBlue A321 Long Range - It features 114 seats and 24 Mint Suites. The plane boasts 31 seating rows in total.
  • Airbus A220 - This aircraft has a new 2X3 seating, making them perfect for couples and families. It features 140 seats, divided into 28 rows.
  • Airbus A321 Classic - This 200-seat plane is specially configured to offer a traveler-friendly experience. It features 7 Even More Space rows.
  • Embraer E190 - With 100 seats, Embraer E190 is a perfect aircraft for those who hate dreaded middle seats. Every seat on this plane is either window or aisle.

How to Book Extra Seats on JetBlue?

Requires extra space when flying with JetBlue? Include the number of empty seats you want in the number of travelers on the JetBlue Airlines website and make reservations accordingly. Remember to book all extra seats in the same fare option. Here’s how to do so.

  • Launch the airline's official site and select your flight from the search results.
  • Add the number of seats you want in the number of traveler options.
  • Continue to the traveler details page. Enter the details asked and select the checkbox saying “This is an empty seat for” for all remaining traveler options.
  • Find the JetBlue seating chart and pick your desired seat.
  • Make the final payment, and it’s done.

Note: When you choose an extra seat on JetBlue flights, make sure both seats must be booked in the same fare option.

Key Takeaway

So, that’s all about JetBlue Seat Selection. The airline understands the significance of the seating options, thus giving you a choice to pick the desired place on the flight before leaving your comfort zone. Whether you want a window seat or are looking for a lavish flying experience, JetBlue has it all to offer you the best-in-class experience.

What are you waiting for? Choose a JetBlue Airways flight, make your preferred seat selection, and fly comfortably.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many extra seats can I book on Jetblue flights?

Travelers can book as many extra seats as they want, provided that all are booked in the same fare option.

Q.2 What’s the length of Mint seats in a lie-flat position?

Mint seats are 6’8” long in the lie-flat position, making them the longest in the domestic market.

Q.3 Do I get priority security with JetBlue Mint seats?

Yes. All Mint customers can access the priority security lane to speed up the process.