No matter how well you plan for your trip, unannounced situations pop up, and you have to cancel your booking. Understanding this, American Airlines allows you to cancel your trip. Thanks to the customer-friendly American Airlines cancellation policy that is flexible enough to help you cancel bookings. And you can also get a refund on flight cancellations.

Moreover, American Airlines has devised a refund policy in the best interest of travelers. Thereby, you can modify your reservation at your convenience. Furthermore, the policies provide you with a streamlined approach to canceling your booking and raising a refund request.

Now, review the account below to learn more about canceling your flight with AA and getting a refund.

What is the American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Do you have to cancel your reservation with AA? Go through the American Airlines flight cancellation policy highlights below -

  • Basic economy tickets can be canceled and refunded only within 24 hours of booking.
  • Refundable tickets are fully refundable upon cancellation. You don’t have to pay a cancellation fee for these tickets.
  • Non-refundable tickets are refunded with a travel credit for future bookings.

Does American Airlines Have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, American Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy that covers you for refunds even if you are not eligible for it. Here’s how -

  • Cancel your trip within 24 hours of booking to avoid any cancellation fees. This applies to all ticket types. However, your scheduled flight must depart after 2 days or more.
  • Refund on non-refundable tickets is given only if you cancel those within this risk-free 24-hour period. After 24 hours, you must pay cancellation charges.

Please note

If you cancel an American Airlines booking made as part of a group block, there will be no ticket refund on it.

What is the American Airlines Ticket Cancellation Fee?

With a refundable American Airlines ticket, you need not pay a cancellation fee. However, you have to pay charges for changing or canceling a non-refundable ticket. You can’t change or cancel Basic Economy tickets.

How to Cancel an American Airlines Flight Booking?

When flying on American Airlines flights, if you have to cancel a trip, select from online and offline methods. Here are both the methods to help you cancel your AA trip -

Online Method

After the booking cancellation, the airline deducts cancellation charges and sends you a voucher for the remaining ticket value (if any).

Offline Method

As per the AA flight cancellation policy, you can also cancel your booking via phone call. Here’s how -

  • Call 800-433-7300.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • A live representative gets connected with you.
  • Request a cancellation.
  • Share the reservation details required.

Can I Get an American Airlines Flight Cancellation Refund?

Yes, American Airlines allows a refund on your ticket as per its cancellation policy. However, you have to-

  • Cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  • Make sure that your scheduled flight departure is at least after 2 days.
  • Save the cancellation email if you have a travel credit issued.

What is the American Airlines Refund Policy?

If you want to get a refund on your AA canceled trip, know the guidelines. So, here are American Airlines refund policy highlights to give you an idea of the same -

  • Usually, Nonrefundable tickets are not refunded. However, AA refunds if -
    • The traveler, travel companion, or a family member dies
    • AA schedule changes
    • Serious illness for international trips, including flights to or from the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico
  • Refundable taxes and fees are refunded to the original payment form.
  • Submit your refund request within the validity of a year from the original date of booking.
  • Submit your refund request separately for every ticket. Request refunds individually for flight tickets, seats, etc.
  • Contact the third party for refunds through which you have made the booking.

How Can I Request an American Airlines Canceled Flight Refund?

If you want to request American Airlines to refund your canceled flight, follow the steps mentioned below -

  • Go to
  • Hit the Refunds button.
  • Proceed to the Request a Refund option.
  • Enter the traveler’s last name and ticket number.
  • Click “Submit”.
  • Verify the cancellation details.
  • Click “Continue”.

What are Other Ways to Request an American Airlines Cancellation Refund?

Alternatively, American Airlines allows you to cancel a booking as per its policy and request a refund through any of the following ways -

  • Visit any American Airlines Airport Ticket Office at a nearby airport.
  • Go to an American Airlines Travel Center in the cities that AA serves.
  • Through mail to the American Airlines Passenger Refunds department at:

American Airlines

Attention: Passenger Refunds

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Please note

  • If you have an AAdvantage Award ticket,  visit the AAdvantage section of the AA website or call 1-800-882-8880.
  • Upload valid documents required such as a medical certificate, if required.
  • American Airlines sends you a confirmation number. 
  • 7 business days are required to refund you if payment is made through a credit card.

In Conclusion

Therefore, count on the flexible American Airlines cancellation policy if you can’t continue with your original travel plans. Since AA understands how troublesome the situation can be, it invests its best approaches to cover you well.

So, follow the guidelines mentioned above and follow the steps. Thereby, you will have a stress-free experience of canceling your booking and getting a refund on it. Do you have to cancel your AA booking? Check its guidelines set for cancellation and refund, and you will be good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, AA has a 24-hour cancellation policy. It refunds all ticket types when canceled within 24 hours of booking.

Can I cancel my American Airlines economy ticket?

Yes, you can cancel an AA economy ticket but only within 24 hours of booking & get a refund on it. However, you must have booked at least 2 days before departure.