Are you looking forward to flying on American Airlines flights? Great choice! However, don’t forget to go for American Airlines Seat Selection while booking your trip. This adds to your comfort and convenience as you soar through the clouds.

With seat selection policy of the airline, you have a smooth experience of choosing seats. Always check the seat selection fees and find out how you can get free/ complimentary seats with AA.

Now, without further ado, scroll down to learn more about selecting seats with American Airlines.

What is The American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Having your favorite seats on board enhances the overall flight experience. But before choosing seats with American Airlines, know its guidelines.

So, here are the major points of  American Airline Seat Selection policy for your reference:

  • The airline allows you to choose a specific seat at any time for a fee.
  • American Airlines assigns random seats at check-in for free.
  • If you haven’t selected seats while booking, you can pick during check-in.
  • AAdvantage® members can choose complimentary seats based on their status.
  • To cancel the chosen seats, you must pay charges to the airline.

To know more, contact the customer service team of the airline.

How Can I Select Seats on American Airlines Flights?

When flying with American Airlines, if you want to select seats, use online or offline methods at your convenience.

Now, check both methods one by one -

Online Seat Selection Method

During Booking

With American Airlines, you can easily choose seats while booking your trip. Follow the quick steps mentioned below -

If seats are unavailable, check again. Alternatively, you can change seats at check-in.

At Check-in

If you are wondering does AA allow you seat selection at check-in, the answer is “yes”. Here’s how -

  • Open the American Airlines website homepage.
  • Go to “My trips/check-in”.
  • Enter your name and record.
  • Choose seats.

Offline Seat Selection Method

If the online American Airlines seat selection didn’t help you for some reason, consider the offline method. So, let’s see how to book seats offline, which is by calling the airline.

  • Dial 800-433-7300.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • A live representative gets connected with you.
  • Request seat selection.
  • Share your travel details and seating requirements.
  • The agent will pick seats as per your preference, if available.
  • Make the payment for it.

Does American Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, you have to pay a seat selection cost for your favorite spots on American Airlines flights. For economy, the fees of AA seat selection range from $9 to $10 each way.

However, your travel class and destination determine the cost of selecting seats. So, contact the airline's customer service team to find out the specific cost of seat selection for each ticket type.

Please note

The AA seat selection charges are subject to change. Contact the airline’s customer service team for updated fees.

Can I Skip American Airlines Seat Selection Fees?

Yes, American Airlines helps you to avoid seat selection fee on its flights. Here’s how:

  • The airline exempts only the AAdvantage members from paying fees for their favorite seats. Although, their membership status largely determines their free seat selection.
  • You can wait for the airline to assign you free seats at check-in. However, this is a random seat assignment which doesn’t assure that you will be seated with your travel companion.

Please note

Usually, AA doesn’t let you grab seats without paying charges. However, if you want to save on charges for choosing seats, the above-mentioned points will help you.

Does American Airlines Seat Families Together?

Of course, yes. Since American Airlines considers its travellers requirements, seat assignments are made for families flying with kids below 15 years of age. This is especially done if you have already not selected seats.

So, the airline makes sure that you get seats together before the day of your scheduled departure. If you have not selected seats in advance, the airline assigns you. In case seat availability is limited, AA assigns seats in a way that children below 15 years of age sit next to an adult.

What is the Main Cabin on American Airlines?

The American Airlines Main Cabin offers you more than just a seat. You can go for an AA Seat Selection in advance with main cabin tickets. Also, enjoy free entertainment in the air.

Let’s take a quick look at what it offers you for a memorable air trip.

  • Select free seats when booking or buying a Preferred Seat in a more favorable location or a Main Cabin Extra seat with more benefits.
  • Munch on free snacks and sip on free soft drinks. Additional food or drinks may also be available as per your route.
  • One personal item and 1 bag are allowed for free on board. Check all the restrictions regarding carry-on and checked bags before taking the flight.
  • Pay for Wi-Fi on select aircraft, and don’t miss a beat during the journey.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can select seats easily with American Airlines. As American Airlines Seat Selection provides you the flexibility to pick your most preferred seats onboard, fly comfortably and conveniently. Moreover, enjoy your trip with your loved ones with in-flight features and efficient services.

Follow the guidelines and the methods mentioned above to proceed with choosing seats on board. Also, check how much you have to pay for selecting seats. So, if you have an AA trip on your cards, make sure to grab your favorite seats. Pick your spots on AA flights today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does American Airlines charge for seat selection?

The seat selection cost by American Airlines is determined by your destination chosen & ticket type. Pay $9-$10 each way for economy class.

What are the preferred seats on AA?

Extra legroom seats in the main cabin are preferred seats. AAdvantage & Elite status members get these complimentary.

How can I change my American Airlines seats for free?

For seats selected while booking, you can change those for free within 24 hours of booking.

How much is seat selection on American Airlines?

American Airlines charges for seat selection start at $9 for economy class. Contact the AA customer service team for details.