While American Airlines strives to offer easy boarding, passengers may miss flights due to several reasons, such as security delays, traffic jams, weather issues, and more. But don’t worry, as the airline understands such conditions and offers a dedicated policy to handle missed flights easily.

Here’s everything you need to know about American Airlines Missed Flight policy. This policy comes with some standby rules that let you fly on the next American Flight, so you can continue your journey effectively. Read the following details and get the flexibility you need for seamless air travel.

American Airlines Missed Flight - The Key Highlights

If you somehow miss your American Airlines flight, don’t lose your calm and the airline’s missed flight policy will get you covered. American Airlines Missed Flight Policy ensures that you can either get seats on another flight or any other practical solution to continue your journey. So, take a closer look at the policy highlights and take further action accordingly.

  • If you reach the airport within 2 hours of flight departure and miss your flight owing to security delays, the airline will stand by you for the next flight without extra charges.
  • However, once your bags are checked in and you still miss your American Airlines flight, there’s no standby option. But you can get it using your AAdvantage elite status.
  • Passengers can use the airline’s 15-minute rebooking policy to get confirmed seats on the next available flights.
  • Inform the airport either 15 minutes before or after the flight's scheduled departure to rebook immediately on the next flight at no cost.
  • American Airlines allows you to sit on the next flight if you reach the airport too late to check in or after a few minutes of the flight departure.

Please Note: Passengers must be mindful that AA missed flights are not documented, and the carrier handles such situations from case to case. Whether you’ll get a seat on the next American flight depends on how late you arrive at the airport.

How to Rebook an American Airlines Missed Flight?

Since American Airlines follows the standby policy to handle missed flight cases, you may or may not get a seat on the next flight. So, if you don’t get a seat, don’t panic and rebook your missed flight either online or offline. Let’s compile the details here.

Online Method

  • Open the AA official website.
  • Go to the Your Trip section.
  • Fill in the essential details, such as last name and booking reference.
  • Tap “Find Your Trip” to access your booking details.
  • Now, you can find another flight to match your trip preferences.

Offline Method

  • Wait no further and call American Airlines Reservations Espanol Telefono to rebook your missed flight.
  • Connect with the agent and ask them to re-book you on the next available flight.
  • The assigned professional will then check the seat availability.
  • Follow the further prompts to complete the process.

What Should I Do If I Missed My American Airlines Flight?

Have you missed your flight from American Airlines and are wondering what to do next to tackle this situation? Well, first of all, contact the airline immediately as soon as you find out that you’ll miss your flight to avoid No Show consequences.

Here’s how you can inform the American Airlines of your missed flight.

Contact American Airlines Toll-Free Number

  • Dial the AA Missed flight phone number either 15 minutes before or after the flight departure.
  • The airline agent will then help you rebook on the next available flight.
  • If you call them after 15 minutes but less than 2 hours, they’ll stand by you for the next flight.

Reach Out to the Airport Agents

  • If you have already arrived at the airport and still missed your flight, visit the airport ticket counter and seek help.
  • While American Airlines representatives will help you rebook the missed flight, they don’t offer any refund for the same.
  • The agents may require some extra information to rebook your journey. Provide them with all the requested details and continue your journey without any hassle.

Can I Get a Refund for my Missed American Airlines Flight?

Generally, you won’t get any refund for a missed flight, even if you missed your flight due to uncontrollable circumstances. The airline can only rebook you on another American flight so you can continue your journey with ease.

To get immediate help, it’s advised to notify the airline as soon as you find out that you’re going to miss your flight. This will help you avoid categorizing under their No Show Policy. You will have up to 15 minutes either before or after the flight departure to notify the agent about your missed flight. After that, you’ll be either a No Show or just on standby for the next flight (for delays between 15 minutes and less than 2 hours).

So, as far as a missed flight refund is concerned, you won’t get anything from the airline in monetary form. Therefore, it’s advised to reach the origin airport on time and board your flight without facing delays.

Summing Up

Missing your American Airlines flight can be frustrating. But sometimes, things are not in our control and we miss our flight no matter how hard we try. So, if such thing happens to you, don’t lose your calm as the American Airlines Missed Flight policy will cover all your hassles. Inform the airline as soon as you can to avoid their no-show charges. The airline will help you get a seat on the next available flight, so you can reach your destination without incurring extra charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get a Refund if I miss my connecting flight due to the airline’s fault?

Yes. If you have missed your connecting flight due to the delayed AA flight, you can talk to the agent and ask for a refund. The agent will check your eligibility and process a refund.

Will I have to pay extra charges to rebook my missed American flight?

No. If you inform the airline within 2 hours of the flight’s departure, the airline will help you rebook your missed flight without incurring any extra charges.